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Sep 12 - Oct 19, 2017


Beckman Automated Sample Prep System

Beckman Automated Sample Prep System - Beckman Automated Sample Prep System. ID 1131692. The AutoMate has everything you need to streamline pre- and post-analytical processes and position your lab for optimal performance and labor usage. Plus, with the AutoMate, your lab can accommodate greater workflow while posting dramatic gains in test result delivery. With manuals and a small amount of tubes and tips which are loaded in the units cabinets. Click to view specs Call Today to submit your offer. 858-384-3580.



Roche Cobas P512 pre-analytical system

Roche Cobas P512 pre-analytical system - Roche Cobas P512 pre-analytical system. Serial 4717642. Power 800W. Voltage 115v. 50-60Hz. C/N 471NAMRNAP4. Date Dec 2011. Made in Germany. Provides rapid sorting, de-capping and re-capping of test tubes in the laboratory.Up to 1,000 primary tubes per hour (with sorting and archiving). With manuals. Click to view specs Call Today to submit your offer. 858-384-3580.  



Sysmex Automated Hematology Analyzer Slide Prep System

Sysmex Automated Hematology Analyzer Slide Prep System - Sysmex Automated Hematology Analyzer - Slide Prep System. Mfg. May 2006. Model XE-2100. Serial A3779 05/2006. Power source 117v 550va 50/60 Hz.  Advanced slide making and staining. The SP-1000i is a third generation of proven, integrated slide maker/stainer products developed, manufactured and supported by Sysmex. In routine operations, the SP-1000i provides rapid, automated preparation of peripheral blood smears to help laboratories meet and standardize smear review turnaround times. With manuals. Click to view specs Call Today to submit your offer. 858-384-3580.  



BioMerieux Vitek Vidas 30

BioMerieux Vitek Vidas 30 - BioMerieux Vitek Vidas 30 Automated Immuno analyzer. Model Vidas 30. Part No. 527001-6. Serial Dasa 5264. Input 100-120V 50-60Hz 3a. Based on the Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay (ELFA technology). Provides high quality on-demand test results. Up to 80 tests/hour. VIDAS detection Kits for Foodborne pathogens rapid detection. Fully automated, robust and reliable, the VIDAS solution includes many tests that enable the detection of the mainpathogens in food products. Used by more than 3500 laboratories. More than 40 international validations (ISO 16140, AOAC RI, AOAC OMA) Click to view specs Other Specs Call Today to submit your offer. 858-384-3580.



Equipo automatizado para laboratorios de hematología e inmunoensayos

Equipo automatizado para laboratorios de hematologia e inmunoensayos - Beckman Coulter AutoMate para automatizar con software intuitivo: carga, seleccion, alicuota, centrifugacion, identificacion, etiquetado, destaponado… para evitar preparacion, manejo y errores manuales · Beckman Coulter PrepPlus, estacion de trabajo 2 para citometria hematica · Roche Cobas P512, sistema preanalitico totalmente automatizado para 1100 muestras/hora, distribuye, destapona y archiva, y mediante modulos adicionales puede admitir la carga masiva de muestras y la centrifugacion. Certificado para laboratorios de bancos de sangre · Sysmex XE-2100, ano 2006, analizador automatizado para preparacion y coloracion del extendido de sangre · Biomerieux Vitek Vidas 30, sistema automatizado para inmunoensayos, basado en ensayo por inmunoadsorcion ligado a enzimas; entre otras aplicaciones, para deteccion rapida y confiable de los principales patogenos en alimentos


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