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Roche Cobas P512 pre-analytical system

Roche Cobas P512 pre-analytical system. Serial 4717642. Power 800W. Voltage 115v. 50-60Hz. C/N 471NAMRNAP4. Date Dec 2011. Made in Germany. Provides rapid sorting, de-capping and re-capping of test tubes in the laboratory.Up to 1,000 primary tubes per hour (with sorting and archiving). With manuals.
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Submit offer. As a package for all, or individually. Analytical Lab Equipment. 101. Beckman Automated Sample Prep System 102. Roche Cobas P512 103. Sysmex Automated Hematology Slide Prep System 104. BioMerieux Vidas 30. Call Today to submit your offer. 858-384-3580. Preventa. Comuniquese para someter oferta. 858-384-3580

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