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ALL-PRO  ET400RATSB Housing Non-IC Air-Tite, 4", Remodel 120V

ALL-PRO  ET400RATSB Housing Non-IC Air-Tite, 4", Remodel 120V Line Voltage, Adjustable Socket Bracket  sold times the money, Bid amount  x 30, check out photos Retails for over $10 dollars
Thu, Jun 24, 2021 11:00AM
Workshops for Warriors Surplus Inventory and Equip. Offering Soldering, Metal working, Electrical, Lighting, motors, building supplies formwork, too much to detail please see catalog (most of inventory new and unused and offered with other consignor) On line Auction. All goods in San Diego Ca. Closing June 24, Call in for Previews, 858-384-3580

Abamex Auction

Ricardo Camacho
(858) 384-3580
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