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Luxar Care Nova Pulse Surgical CO2 laser system + Cutera protective glasses + Innovative Optics

patient goggles. Luxar mod LX-20SP (mfg 1994) laser system with pedestal. 115v. 50-60hz. 1 fusible 10amp. Made in USA. Plus Innovative Optics patient goggles for laser protection (seem new) include case, xtra pair of white trim rings and elastic band. Plus Cutera laser protective glasses mod 53 and mod 562. Both have white frames and green lenses. Both include case, microfiber cloth and elastic band to keep around neck. Adjustable ear pieces for comfort.
Sun, Mar 10, 2019 11:00AM
Wed, Mar 27, 2019 10:00AM
Puritan Bennet spirometry system. Luxar Care Nova surgical CO2 laser + Cutera protective glasses. MedTrak VNG Atmos varioair irrigator with VNG Goggle assy, interface controller, video capture sources, (new cost 45K+l). Circadian tester. Xomed endoscopic light source. CLiq vacuum pump + Gast air compressor. Pentax light source + misc attachments. Dyonics vision digital 3 chip camera w/shutter control box. McKesson premium video paper. Printers. Austin air purifier. Scroll thru all photos. Everything seems to be in very good condition. Bid online closes March 27 at 10am Pacific Time.

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Olga Lemeni
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