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Lamp fluorescent ultra slim 24' and one 21"

Lithonia Liighting 24" Fluorescent, Ultra Slim, light bulb included lot of 3 24" and one 21" sold times the money bid amount times 4, chek out photos for detail and specs. Retails for over  $20 dollars each.
Thu, Aug 12, 2021 10:00AM
Industrial Goods - bulk bid one $ for all, Grinding wheels, coax cable spool, steel Him in Roll, security lamps, exit door alarms, hdmi, Cat 5e and other cables, assorted lighting, LED, fluorescent, under cabinet lights, recessed baffles, flat ceiling lamps, down lights, protective hard shoe toe caps, anti spatter solvent by Cantesco, formwork tubes Sonotube, Tystrap poly strapping cord, Res-Cril non skid coating, 3M scotch weld instant adhesive accelerator, Irwin strait line marking chalk…..

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Emilio Lemeni
(858) 384-3580