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Lot of 12 bottle decanters

Aladdin like bottle decanter on Olive green color and gold trim, Alaska 49th State bottle decanter light blue color. Beam Decanter Seattle Sea fair Bottle Decanter. blackish bottle decanter with abstract paint and red top plug. 3 Beam Glass bottle decanter with relief . Jar like bottle decanter light blue with Zeus Greek figure. Beam Choice bottle decanter, on light blue bottle with country screen scenes.  Bonded Beam porcelain white relief bottle adornment. off white with grayish paint at base and top bottle decanter, 1971  PGA Beam  bottle Decanter.
Wed, Jul 1, 2020 10:00AM
Thu, Jul 30, 2020 12:00PM
Jim Beam and Ezra Brooks decanter collection will be sold via lapse time online auction. Fire engines, locomotive, train cars, Formula 1 cars, classic fords, corvettes, weaponry, soldiers, wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, baseball, fruit, majolica type ornamentation, commemorative, Elvis, slot machines, Alladin, telephones, liberty glass, decanters, Greek styles, centennial and more. Over 500 bottles in different themed groupings. Start or add on to your collection. Bottles are empty. If you require shipping we suggest UPS Store (Daniel tel 619-616-2360) or PakMail La Jolla (858-456-8573)

Abamex Auction

Jerry Holt
(858) 384-3580
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