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Framed gaucho prints (3) by Florencio Molina Campos (1891-1959).

Size 20.5x24.5" framed. Titles Feliz Ano Nuevo, Anda con la pava echada and the 3rd has no title.  Signature on upper left. 

Florencio Molina Campos is considered Argentina's most popular self-taught artist whose signature caricaturesque style has reached all corners of the world including Walt Disney's popular "Goofy" films. He depicts his country folk with great sympathy, recapturing a way of life and preserving the traditions and folk culture alive in the spirit of the Argentinean people. The artist immediately engages the viewer with an expressive power. Far from being vulgar, he creates atmospheres of good-natured cheer, that fill the spectator with delight and affectionate laughter.
Wed, Feb 8, 2023 11:00AM
Sculpture, watercolors, enamel on copper, acrylic, oil plus some lithographs, posters and other fine and decorative art, to add to your collection. ​​​​​​​Art by Max Karp (Enamel fired on copper), acrylic sculpture by Michael Wilkinson, ceramic sculpture by I.G., art by Jorge Flores and Oscar Martinez, Georges Meis photographs, Lev Morooss, Douglas Morris, Salvador Dali, Patrick Nagel, Arbio and other choice artwork. Large assortment, framed and unframed pieces, classic and modern, originals, limited editions, reproductions, what a collection ! plus an exquisite set of pearls and emeralds necklace and matching bracelet with 18kt gold brooch. Will assist with packing and shipping (at buyer's expense) or make arrangements to pickup in San Diego. Selling Feb. 8. at 11am pacific. Feel free to contact Abamex with any questions, tel 858-384-3580 auctions@abamex.com

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