There is no question that the restaurant industry is on the rise, and will continue to rise. Since 1970, restaurant businesses in the the United States have accumulated a staggering amount of commerce. In comparison, during 1970 the restaurant industry produced over 42.8 billion dollars; in 2015, it accumulated a whopping 745.61 billion dollars in revenue! This projection is scheduled to rise, as more people are relying on restaurants for their daily meals, sometimes three times a day!
There is a natural allure to the restaurant industry. When an owner begins their own business, they are immediately in control the outcome of the business. As the owner, they can determine how business is conducted, as well as when and where. Essentially, the allure of owning a restaurant is they can have complete control over their career, as they are their own boss. This is an extremely exciting proposition due to the fact that they can set their own schedule. Owners also have a say in who works for them and how successful they are in promoting the business. Specifically in the restaurant business, this references how the cooks and servers prepare and serve their food.

However, before an owner can gain control over how food is served, they must provide the materials to cook and serve with. Some new owners believe that they must buy their equipment new from a store at the original price. This can be costly, as the equipment listed for a new restaurant can be long and specific. It is estimated, that in America, restaurant owners spend on average 275,000 dollars to begin their businesses. These costs spread out from cooking equipment, food costs, decoration, and technology. All of these costs are mandatory, not to mention the cost of paying hirees and, of course, paying themselves. As expected, most owners don’t have 200 grand lying around, which means they must take out a loan. Because of this, owners are indebted to banks for years before they are able to pay off their loans. However, once the loans are paid, then they are able to see profits. Those who take out more money in their loans due to expenses, must wait longer before they can see profit. This lifestyle is difficult for owners, which is why some businesses must close their doors. One way to curb this trend is by taking out less money on their loans. But how?
An easy way to cut costs is by bidding for restaurant equipment from auction companies. By using a surplus auction company, such as Abamex Auctions, owners can cut their business furnishing costs by several thousand dollars. Abamex is an easy to use, live and website-based auctioning service, in which anyone can bid on a large array of goods. Coming up on their auction website is an entire catalog filled with restaurant materials and machinery. Any new restaurant owner could severely benefit from this auction, as all of their desired goods are up for bidding at a lower price than in specialty stores. If you are a new restaurant owner and are looking to equip your new business, Abamex Auctions is where you want to be from December 10-14! Act fast because these items will not be up for bidding much longer!