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When you’re looking at auction websites, the only place to turn to is Abamex Auctions. With a wide variety of auctions from real estate, to machinery, to a diverse range of property, we’re able to provide you with incredible accessibility. Our business is based out of San Diego, but our services reach clients from all over the nation, even the world! By joining our live auction webcasts, you can bid on an auction from anywhere. We regularly announce new auctions right here on this webpage as stock becomes available. Welcome to Abamex!


Auction Dates

Tue, Apr 11, 2023 10:00AM


Tools, home improvement, Funko Pops (add to your collection), kitchenware, appliances, housewares, patio furniture, indoor furniture, kitchen sinks, faucets, toys, office and gaming chairs, vacuums, fitting brushes, drywall repair patches, lighting, baskets, face covering,s ceiling fans, lighting, pool lounge floats and lots more. Store returns and surplus,

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