Auctions are an exciting event in our society because they mean items exchange hands and are appraised. Throughout history, humans have auctioned off objects to make money. This tradition can be seen as far back as 500 B.C. in ancient Greece. Over the years, auctioning has gained popularity, leading to an auctioneering school that was constructed during the 1900s. Today, auctions are used to sell off certain items. In the last ten years, however, some pretty unique items have gone through the auctioneering world, racking up large amounts of money.

Two Inches Worth More Than 9 Million

If you aren’t a collector, you wouldn’t think stamps would be worth much. Well, you would be sorely mistaken. The stamp market is actually very lucrative, if a stamp is rare and old. In 2014, a very rare stamp from 1856 went up for auction. The stamp was a magenta one-cent stamp from British Guiana. Today, British Guiana is the modern-day caribbean territories.
Due to its age and its rarity, the British-Guiana stamp is the pinnacle to any stamp collection. The last time the stamp was auctioned was in 1980 when it was worth almost one million dollars. In 2014, the stamp was auctioned off at 9.5 million dollars, setting a world record as the most expensive stamp in existence.

Balloon Worth More Than 58.4 Million

You have probably seen plenty of balloons in your lifetime, most likely at carnivals or birthday parties. The reason why balloons can be seen everywhere is that they are relatively cheap and can be sold for a greater profit. However, there is one balloon that you will never see at any party: The Balloon Dog, Orange, by Jeff Koons. This balloon dog sculpture has set a world record as one of the most expensive items at an auction by a living artist. It is rare that items worth millions would be the product of an artist that is still alive; the balloon dog is an exception. In 2013, the sculpture was auctioned off at a whopping 58.4 million dollars!

A Carpet to Tie the Room Together for 33 Million

Carpets are normally a furniture item used to tie colors and textures of a living room together. However, we very much doubt you will ever use the Clark Sickle Leaf Carpet as a furniture item. This 1700 Kerman Province (modern day Iran) carpet, was originally owned by William Clark, a banking, mining, and railroad tycoon. In 1925, the carpet went up for auction shortly after his death. In 2013, the Kerman carpet was auctioned for 33.7 million dollars.

Most Expensive Painting ever in Auction: 106.5 Million

The most expensive painting ever to be sold at auction was Pablo Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust in 2010. Though the auction only took a total of eight minutes, the painting’s ending bid was at 106.5 million dollars.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Hammer

Leonardo da Vinci was known for his inventions, specifically his diary blueprints. In 1994, billionaire Bill Gates won the bid for Leonardo’s 72 paged journal called the Codex Hammer. Within this journal houses, Leonardo’s thought, blueprints, and sketches throughout his life. The ending bid for this journal was an unbelievable 30.8 million dollars. Surprisingly, Bill Gates took the journal and digitally scanned the pages for all to see. It was his belief that the world has the right to see the pages of Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Hammer.

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