Auction Off Festive Items You Don’t Need

In life we have moments that we like to celebrate. Times such as birthdays, weddings, and cultural ceremonies like our bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and quinceaneras. Typically these celebrations are met with big feasts, large gatherings, and a party to seat every one of our friends and family. When you host a celebration of a large caliber, you will notice that a lot of your money goes into planning and purchasing all the necessary equipment.
When you plan an event you must take into account the following items:

• Tables
• Chairs
• Lighting
• Utensils
• Glassware
• Linens
• China

With all of these items, you can rack up a pretty hefty bill; not to mention this final total will depend on the number of people in attendance. Typically, the larger the party, the larger the final bill total. Because of this, some families choose not to throw these lavish celebrations, as they often are too expensive to host. And, the families that do invest in celebrating these special occasions must save up for years in order to afford them.
At Abamex Auctions, we give you an opportunity to gain back some of your money from your celebratory event. Finally! You have the opportunity to “have your cake and eat it too”. This means, you can throw the kind of celebration you want, without breaking your bank and emptying your wallet. With Abamex Auctions, you can have the chance to post your festive items online in a one-time auction, available to everyone nationwide!

How Does It Work?

You might wonder, how does this auctioneering work? Well, if you are in possession of a large quantity of items, such as the list above, Abamex can help you sell them off to the highest bidder! Actually, the whole process is really simple!

Step One: If you know that you have a collection of items you would like to get rid of, contact Abamex Auctions.

Step Two: Together, you and Abamex can discuss the items you wish to bid off and narrow down a date for an official inspection.

Step Three: Abamex representatives will go out to where your items are to perform a specialty appraisal and determine the value of your collection. While inspecting the items, one of our representatives will snap a few photos to place on our website.

Step Four: If your collection is approved, we will post an announcement for your designated bidding date on our official auction and bidding website. From there, you’ll just have to wait until auction day.

Step Five: You can either be physically present for the auction or you can witness it throughout webcam viewing option through our site. Once the auction is complete, the new owner of the items can either pick them up, or Abamex will personally move the items for you!

If you are interested in auctioning off items that you don’t want anymore, contact Abamex Auctions. We are a professional auctioneering and appraisal company that is here to make your experience as easy and painless as possible. We allow you to celebrate your birthday, marriage, or cultural festivities without worrying about your bank account. Contact us today and see our upcoming auctions if you are in the market for a large inventory of celebratory items!