Death is, unfortunately, a very real part of life. Though it is difficult to move past, it is part of life and ultimately inevitable. As it is difficult to say goodbye to those we loved, it is also difficult to go through their belongings. It has been found that the average American has 300,000 items in their home. It has also been found one in 10 Americans rent an off-site storage space. Now, it is safe to say that not all these items are significant or have any value to you, the next of kin.
Parting ways with your loved one’s belongings can be difficult, especially if they have a lot of stuff. Although you have the option of having an estate or yard sale, both don’t sell the items for what they are actually worth. Also, in some cases, the items you sell to other people tend to just sit in their house and never get used. In some cases, passed relatives could leave behind their business and their inventory. In most cases, it is difficult to find a buyer for a collection of items and get rid of the assortment quickly. In many cases, family members of the deceased throw away items, donate them, or spend years piecing away their inherited inventory.
Many may wonder if there is any easier way. Well, there is! At Abamex Auctions, we offer our customers a one-of-a-kind service and auction off your unwanted inventories.

Where Do We Auction?

Out auctioneering process is very simple, and starts with a phone call. All you have to do is contact one of our representatives and tell them what exactly your collection is. We then have a professional assess your inventory and see the best way to auction your materials. It is important to remember that our business is run off of a digital platform. This means that anyone can participate on our bidding website. This can be advantageous, as you won’t be restricted to just your hometown. In fact, our business is based in San Diego, California; however, we are able to conduct business all over the United States and parts of Latin America, such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, etc.


Aside from being an excellent auctioneering website, our staff can also offer you appraisals on your merchandise, as a way to fairly set the starting bid. With our experience, you can entrust that we will be able to set a great bid that will be able to help you not only sell off unwanted items, but receive fair payment at the same time.

Abamex Auctions

Though saying goodbye to a loved one can be difficult, it may help your grieving process to know that their belongings are going to an owner that will use them. At Abamex Auctions, we give you the opportunity to auction off your items in a one-time bid. We also will help you move your items for both drop off and pick up. If you have gained a collection of merchandise, inventory, or machinery, contact Abamex Auctions today!