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Chew-chew train dinner set. qty 5. bid on one buy 5 x$

The Chew Chew Train transforms from a train into functional dinner set, engine becomes the cup, conductors house becomes a bowl, trains platform = plate, coupling rods = fork and spoon. Approx 8 2/3 x 19 x 8 2/3 in. For ages 18 months +.  Sold time the money, check out photos (Bid amount x 5)
Fri, Mar 5, 2021 11:00AM
Combined assets auction. Special ed inventory, toys, supplies; household and office inventory, giftware, clocks and ornaments, material handling, coolers and other COOL STUFF First item sells March 5 @ 11am. Diving and snorkel, bike carier, party rental glassware, tableclothes, serrated knives, folding tables, chairs, racks, coolers, Shark pro mop, stock pots, massage rolls, tether balls, Customatic and Didatctic activity mats, Bulova clocks, Football teams logo blankets, gift bags and more.

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