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Gaylord with tablecloths, round and square >200 ea.

Tablecloths  56 ea. Round Royal Blue 108", 32 ea. Square Royal Blue  60", 17 ea.   Square Royal Blue  54" 147 ea. Royal Blue 90" sold as a lot one money, all  dry clean with hanger and plastic wrap. check photos
Thu, May 13, 2021 11:00AM
Metro racks, Martini/margarita stemware, beer chalices, Large lot of dinnerware + charger plates, Stock pots, Tables incl. folding, stools, chairs, Serrated bread knives, tablecloths PLUS Sonotube concrete forms, 16" dia. 33 and 36"h for precast concrete, create columns, light posts, entryways, or protector for patio heaters or so many other uses, 50 pz lot…. New 18 nest locker, The Box digital photo studio, Corrosive storage cabinets, Scientific oven + screen printing UV dryer, Levels, Tripods, Tether balls, Gift bags, wrapping paper and bows, Weighted Sootheze bears and rabbits, aromatherapy, hot or cold, Bulova assorted clocks incl anniversary, mantel, desktop, alarm clocks, Nitro wall clocks, Snow globes, hand sanitizer, Material handling, lab eq, party rentals and event ware, photo studio box, giftware, clocks, hobbies, learning and toys, swan shaped high chair/step stool, hand sanitizer 500ml 16 oz pump bottles and more. For sure you'll find something you need or like.!!

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Emilio Lemeni
(858) 384-3580